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G-Matrix Systems addresses the modern need for monitoring through a range of bespoke IOT communications solutions, from cold chain monitoring, to security and entry control, tracking, fluid measurement and more.

Camera Pole Monitoring

With more and more security companies deploying camera systems which are highly intelligent, we focus on monitoring the actual infrastructure such as the pole integrity, tampering, and access control especially during power outages.

Manhole Monitoring

Protecting critical infrastructure is a priority for our clients. On the municipal side, manholes are being replaced with composite manholes fulfilled by Manholes4Africa(M4A) to reduce metal theft and keep civilians safe. On the telecommunications side, manholes usually dont house materials that are costly to replace that could attract theft, but rather sabotage of network infrastructure. The RAMAC(™) devices can provide simplistic monitoring or a fully access control managed solution.

Perimeter Protection

Our Perimeter protection solutions are designed for intrusion detection on prefabricated walls (prefab) palisades, weld mesh and game fences. Typically installed on existing structure to provide high security detection against break through, climbing and wire cutting attempts


According to a statement from Ramaphosa in June 2020, 51 percent of South African women have experienced violence at the hands of someone with whom they are in a relationship. Our RAMAC(™)Smart Location button (P1), & soon to be released P2, was built to deter #GenderBasedViolence and provide women and children with a means to call for help even without a phone.

Solar Panel Tracking

With constant power outages and cable theft, everybody is going green… until your panels get stolen! Tracking of solar panels have reduced theft by 60% in commercial deployments within 4 months. We continue to innovate in this space so be sure to keep an eye out for any latest news on our Linkedin Page.

Cold Chain Logistics

Looking to track your trucks or monitor temperatures? We have the solutions for you! FMCG clients can now benefit from remote monitoring of vehicles and temperature conditions all along the supply chain with our Self-powered RAMAC(™) devices.

Pallet Tracker

Returnable pallets last over 3 times more cycles than conventional pallets with heavy duty Industrial Pallets even double of that which doesn’t cheap. We work with pallet manufacturers to embed our tracking device inside pallet cavities safe from tampering allowing them to not only track the pallets but also the precious cargo.

High Site

Our Remote Lock unit is a ready to use device to control access to Network towers or POP sites. In conjunction with our other intrusion systems we are able to monitor generator tampering, Battery tracking, Solar panel theft, cable theft, perimeter intrusion and guard tracking.

Anti-Cable Theft

Using our signature RAMAC(™)Motion detection sensor we are able to provide early warning system to deter tampering of underground cables

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G-Matrix Systems is a full electronic Design house that builds from scratch utilising multiple technologies to give our customers what they want. We are Network Agnostic and provide from simple one-to-one communication to complex mesh solutions. Partner with us to solve your electronic development needs.