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The G-Matrix Systems “Heart” is the foundation of 90% of our devices. The heart is an all-encompassing unit which allows for multiple sensors to be connected allowing rapid prototyping. This, together with our in-house 3D printers ensures prototypes are aligned with Customer expectations

RAMAC ™ Advanced Smart Location Button

The RAMAC™ P2 is an intelligent smart button solution that combines GPS and IoT technologies into one. The button can be configured for different modes using the RAMAC™ mobile app to suit the client’s requirement.

RAMAC™ Potenza Sensor

The RAMAC™ Potenza Sensor is a device built specifically for monitoring overhead power lines. Typically, a RAMAC™ Potenza Sensor is installed at regular intervals on a transmission line, and GPS coordinates of each device are captured with the RAMAC™ mobile app during installation. Once the power line is vandalized (i.e. lines cut, links cut, lines removed), the RAMAC™ Potenza Sensor will send an alert to the RAMAC™ Portal. This enables response to a specific location.

RAMAC™ Level Sensor

The RAMAC™ Level Sensor uses proven technology to measure any liquids or fine solids accurately. Currently deployed in water tanks, the level sensor is also an excellent solution for monitoring dry bulk levels. Tank size, alerts and location are configured on installation using the RAMAC™ mobile App. Pre-configured level specific events and warnings will be sent to the RAMAC™ portal in real-time to be viewed by the client. Periodic update events can also be configured.

RAMAC™ Magnetic Sensor

The Magnetic Sensor monitors the opening and closing of enclosures via a Magnetic Sensor whether it be on doors, windows, security gates and more.

RAMAC™ Tamper Detection Sensor

The RAMAC™-Tamper Sensor is a SigFox device that was originally designed for the monitoring of Manhole Covers. The unit has a built in magnetic sensor and accelerometer which can be used to monitor the opening of any enclosures.

RAMAC™ Power State Monitor

Our 5 year battery operated RAMAC(™) Power state monitor sends you alerts on the immediate change of power status. Currently deployed on public displays for advertising and on Server PDU’s customers are immediately aware of any power outages and the total downtime for their critical infrastructure.

RAMAC™ Vibration Sensor

Regardless of the assets within your property, the first line of defence is always the perimeter. Whether you have palisade fencing around your POP site or farm, or prefab walls the RAMAC(™) Vibration sensor will detect intrusion with a range of 5-10m on either side with a 4 year battery life(replaceable). Currently deployed on Pylons, network perimeter fencing, 80m cable masts, farm fence lines and many more, the RAMAC(™) Vibration sensor does it all.

RAMAC™ Motion Detection Device

Keep track of any asset that should be stationary for significant movement with our signature motion detection device. Currently deployed on Irrigation pivots(spilpunte), underground cables for early detection of tampering and generators, the RAMAC(™) Motion Detection device is your go to unit with up to 5 years battery life.

RAMAC™ Temperature Sensor

FMCG clients can now benefit from remote monitoring of temperature conditions all along the supply chain with our Self-powered RAMAC(™) Temperature Sensor. Currently deployed on trucks transporting Blueberries for the largest retailers, we are able to track temperatures and get alerts the instant the pre-configured thresholds have been breached for up to 5 years.

RAMAC™ Smart Location Button

Whether you looking for a device to track your employees/guards, a personal GPS tracking device, a panic button or a minute GPS tracker for your small objects like bicycles, four-wheelers, pets,etc, the RAMAC (™) Smart Location Button is just for you. The unit has 255 different configurations available via our in-house SDK making it easier for integration into existing Third-party apps. Corporate clients benefit from data sent to the NOC dashboard with alerts on email & telegram, while consumer facing businesses can make use of our White-labeled Cerebro(™) App which features Push notifications & device sharing linked to all major armed responders.

RAMAC™ Asset Tracker

Remote assets are hard to track and manage especially with the constant power issues that South Africa faces. Using our Self-powered RAMAC(™) Asset Tracker we have been tracking anything from Cattle, bikes, cars, trucks, solar panels, batteries, pallets, trailers, fibre rolls and many more.

RAMAC™ Remote Lock Device

Currently deployed on Main doors, battery cabinets and server cabinets, the Remote Lock (RL1) is able to manage access control even in power outages.High sites are constantly under attack, even with conventional IT systems like CCTV and Pepper Spray.

RAMAC™ Cable Theft sensor

Our RAMAC Motion Detection Sensor is currently deployed Nationwide and is proving itself as a worthy contender against cable theft as one of the solutions it is being used for. The RAMAC Motion Detection Sensor is an early warning alert of known assets that should not move. The RAMAC Motion Detection Sensor is armed and configured using our RAMAC mobile app.

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